The Fit Workplace

We see it everywhThe Fit Workplaceere, in magazines and headlines, about America’s obesity epidemic. Most of us put forth an ample amount of effort to try to eat right, join a gym, take the stairs, or you name it.  When we spend most of our waking hours in the office, in a stationary position, not getting the movement our bodies need, our efforts can fall short. Studies have shown that those who sit most of the day are more prone to heart disease and with this growing concern the office furniture industry is coming up with new innovative products to help keep us fit in the workplace.

We discussed in our previous blog Sitless in Seattle about the benefits of the height adjustable desks. These are great for getting us on our feet, but don’t rule out chairs all together.

Manufacturers like Via Seating, for example, have the motion seating line with options such as the Swopper Air that aids in better circulation, muscle training and back and ab strengthening. For those needing or wanting a back support option that offers the same benefits as the Swopper Air the Via 3Dee Active Office Chair may be for you. While having the opportunity to test out the new products from Via Seating, I would relate the feel of these chairs to that of the fitness ball I enjoy using in the gym. Same bounce and balancing effect however, I felt less likely to fall, the chairs are not bulky so they fit my work space nicely and of course unlike the ball the chairs are adjustable so I can be sure to be practicing proper ergonomics which is another key part of being fit in the work place. The commercial office industry has taken an interest in helping us keep fit and as we hear of new exciting products we will be sure to keep our clients in the know.

Do not fret though if your facilities manager is not ready to purchase that new chair or height adjustable desk quite yet. Take initiative by getting up and walking around every so often to get the circulation going and do simple things like taking the stairs when you can.

Visit North Sound Interiors Pinterest board Keeping fit in the office for more ideas including simple workouts one can do at their desk as well as ways to improve posture.


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